Pest Control


Our Shoo! Residential Protection Plan makes use of organic and natural products which are designed to be biodegradable yet having the same effectiveness as that of its synthetic counterparts. The methods use are purely natural and organic, making it the best choice for a safe and non-toxic eradication of pest while at the same time sanitizing the surface it contacts.


The practices used by us reduces the risk of toxic poisoning or contamination brought on by using synthetic chemicals especially in a sensitive environment like a bedroom.



Step 1

Pest Paramedics service specialist will inspect to determine the pest root cause and harborage area.

Step 2

Our service specialists will determine the suitable organic treatment to the specific issue.

Step 3

Recommendations will be given to eradicate the pests in most effective and safe way possible.

Step 4

Our specialists will plan the next follow up visit to ensure previous pest issues are solved.

Incorporating the I.P.M. approach (integrated pest management), the Pest Paramedics technical team will set an action threshold to study and monitor pest activities around the premise. It is far more effective than just spraying pesticide all over the infested areas. Once the threshold is all set, we will be able to ascertain accurately the size of the infestation, the damage caused, and necessary measures to eradicate the problem immediately and permanently.