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How To Choose The Best Pest Control Company

It is always tempting to try to solve a problem on our own. When you see cochroaches scuttling along the kitchen floor, you'll roll up newspapers to try to swat it. If you have mosquitos, you'll try to spray it. You'll be very lucky to have gotten the pests that one time. But what if it comes back? What if instead of cochroaches, you have a rat infestation problem, or worst - termites.

Whether we like it or not, living in the city, it is almost impossible to free yourself from pests. Sometimes it is better to hire a pest control professional than to try to do it yourself. This is particularly true if the pest problem is ongoing, if the infestation has become large.

However, with so many companies and free agents offering pest control services, how can you know which one is good and reliable? Here we highlight a few tips to help you decide.

Check the Company

Firstly, it would be good to check the company to see if it is professional and reliable. You can visit their website and social media pages to have a cursory view. You would want to make sure the pest control company has the ability and past track record in providing the services you require. You may also call the reception and ask the pest control company if it is insured to protect your property.

Check for Verification

When setting the appointment, be sure to ask for the name and identification number of the technician from the pest control company. Before allowing the technician to enter your premises, you should ask for it for verification. With so many fraud cases today, one can never be too sure.

Pest Protection Strategy

You can ask the company how they plan to solve the infestation problem to see how thorough they are with their approach. You would want a company that tries to solve the root of the infestation so to ensure it does not persist. The technician should be knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions regarding the pest problem or is honest enough to revert back to you if they do not know. This is much better than one that gives a made-up answer.


When it comes to the safety of your home, you'd want to once again make sure the technician looks professional. Are they wearing a uniform? Are they driving the official vehicle? Are they equipped with their tools and chemicals? All this should provide you with a secure sense of professionalism.

What about Packages

Sometimes, cheapest is not always the better choice. You may spend a little now, but with poor quality service, you'll end up paying more in the long run. As mentioned above, a good pest control company would spend time to investigate the pest infestation and will consult you on the required steps. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may require a monthly maintenance, or an intense weekly visit for a 2 months. So, look for what is offered and not necessarily on the price.

If you want to know more about the packages offered by us, you can click here.

What Chemicals used

In almost all cases, the technicians will use chemicals for elimination. Most pest control companies use conventional chemicals, but there are some that prefer to use non-toxic and naturally sourced chemicals. Either way, the company should be willing to discuss the chemicals he expects to use, any possible adverse effects and any non-chemical options. All chemical containers should be labeled and have a clean, professional appearance.

Pest Paramedics are the first pest control company in Malaysia to fully integrate non-toxic chemicals into our services.

Hope these tips can be useful for you as you choose your trusted professional pest control company.

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