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Get To Know Cockroaches

Every month, we get plenty of requests to eliminate cockroach infestations. Whether it's in the warm or rainy season, cockroaches are a constant problem to homes, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and business offices.

Once infestation has taken root, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects. They tend to prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed and can be found behind refrigerators, sinks and stoves, as well as under floor drains and inside of motors and major appliances. So if seen during the day, it is a possible sign of infestation. Plus, they can flatten their bodies to fit into narrow areas, and may also be found hiding beneath rubber mats, behind wallpaper and within wall cracks.

We highly recommend getting professional pest control companies when it gets to this level. Here are some tips on how best to choose one.

Let's find out more about these pests.

What Are Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a type of insect. Ancient insects that have been around for over 300 million years. They have 6 long legs, 2 long antennae, and 2 pairs of wings. The flying roaches are the worst. In Malaysia, the two most common species are the German and American cockroaches. Depending on the type, an adult cockroach measures about 1/2 to 1 inch long.

Researchers have discovered over 4600 species of cockroaches to have ever lived. But don't worry, ONLY 30 species are associated with humans and considered pests. Cockroaches are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Roaches Will Survive Longer Than Humans

Roaches have survived for millions of years due to their ability to evolve very quickly. They are one of the hardiest insects around. It is capable of living for a month without food. It can hold its breath for 45 minutes and has the ability to slow down its heart rate.

Now, researchers have discovered the cockroaches are fast becoming immune to insecticides. Not all insecticides are created equal. Some degrade the nervous system, whereas others attack the exoskeleton; they also have to be left out for varying amounts of time. But many insects, including cockroaches, have evolved resistance to at least one of the most commonly-used insecticides.

What a nightmare!

Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches won't bite but they are considered to be dangerous as an allergen source and asthma trigger. Because they carry bacteria, if deposited on food, can cause salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.

According to the World Health organization (WHO), cockroaches have been known to play a role as carriers of intestinal diseases, such as dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever.

How To Detect Infestations

If you are lucky, you won't see cockroaches scurrying around your kitchen floor. But it doesn't mean it's not there. Roaches often leave signs to indicate an infestation.

  1. Droppings - Small roaches droppings look like coffee grounds or black pepper, while larger roaches expel cylindrical ones.

  2. Unpleasant odour - Surely we've all had a whiff of the unpleasant cockroach smell in the longkang.

  3. Egg - Oval-shaped egg cases, known as oothecae, are sometimes visible behind furniture and in other hidden locations, such as the spaces between books.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Now that we know a little bit more about these pests, discouraging the roaches from entering your home or premises in the first place is better than trying to eliminate them. Take these steps to avoid infestation.

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