Microorganisms like bacteria and virus diseases are contagious and can spread by contact or airborne. Indoor areas may look and smell clean but it be contaminated. With the rise of the coronavirus, you would want to ensure all the premises are safe from any harmful microorganisms.

The Pest Paramedics Disinfection Misting Service is able to sanitise large areas, cleaning the air, targeting surfaces, and reaching inaccesible spaces. The disinfection misting method we use achieves maximum effectiveness and minimal downtime for your home and business.


Regular disinfection are temporary and limited in usage and coverage.

Microbes can stay on surface areas for many days and weeks.

Professional-grade solutions are potent and safer thus making it very effective.

Thorough sanitising and disinfecting of surface areas ensure safety for all.


The microbes on the surface and in the air can cause damages to your body and health. Keeping a sanitised environment would ensure you're protected.


So what are the microbes?

  • Pathogens – viruses, bacteria and fungi which causes measles, chicken pox, legionnaires’ disease, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

  • Allergens – bacteria, fungi and their by products which causes allergic rhinitis, asthma, humidifier fever and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

  • Toxins – endotoxins, mycotoxins and VOC which causes a variety of toxic effects, irritation and odours



How long will the disinfection protection last?

We use the highest quality products to protect your office, home, and property. For all treated surfaces, the protection will last 3 days after application.

What ingredients are included in the treatment?

Ammonium chloride 40% Urea 60%

Are the chemical compositions used in the disinfectant safe?

We only use certified and trusted products. It is safe and have been used widely in the medical and food industry. It is also FDA approved.

Is the chemical approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)?

The chemical doesn't require KKM approval since it was not directly used for humans or pets.

Do I need to leave the house while treatment is taking place?

Even though our products are safe for children and pets, we recommend you to vacate the premises while treatment is taking place. We don't want you to inhale the mist.

How long will the process take?

The duration will defer with size of the premise, but for a residential house it'll take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How much does it cost?

Price starts from RM300 up to 2000sqft. Subsequently, it will be charged RM0.15/sqft. For example, for 3000sqft it will cost RM450.

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