other specialised services

pp audit plan

  • Provide risk assessment check prior audit

  • Provide recommendation

  • Analysis report system

  • Commence within 3 working days

pp rental plan

  • Fly trap and rodent bait station

  • Free installation

  • Customised frequency

  • No deposit

  • Analysis reporting system

  • Maintenance inclusive

pp fumigation plan

  • Covers space, containers & stack

  • Use effective fumigant

  • AQIS standard

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pp bird proofing plan

  • Covers all kind of bird

  • Use high quality materials

  • Warranty up to 5 years

pp pest awareness plan

  • Provide pest training to customer

  • Topic can be customise

  • One off fee

  • Target for outdoor

  • Frequency up to 2 times per day

  • Kill and repel

  • On rental outright purchase

pp 365 mosquitoes plan



Our Shoo! Residential Protection Plan makes use of organic and natural products which are designed to be biodegradable yet having the same effectiveness as that of its synthetic counterparts. The methods use are purely natural and organic, making it the best choice for a safe and non-toxic eradication of pest while at the same time sanitizing the surface it contacts.


The practices used by us reduces the risk of toxic poisoning or contamination brought on by using synthetic chemicals especially in a sensitive environment like a bedroom.

Shoo! Protection Plan includes in four steps:


Pest Paramedics service specialist will inspect to determine the pest root cause and harborage area


Pest Paramedics service specialist will then determine the right and proper organic treatment to the specific issue


Customers will be brief on outcome of the inspection and treatment recommendations will be given to further help to reduce pest issue


Pest Paramedics will service specialist will plan the next follow up visit to ensure previous pest issues are solve

IPM professionals set an action threshold which uses alternative actions such as pest monitoring to control pests in your premises rather than just spraying pesticide all over the infested areas. Once the threshold is all set, they will then be able to know how large the infestation is, how much damage they might incur, and which steps to take to control the infestation immediately.